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In an era of
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We make thoughtful bath and body care
essentials to drench your senses, repair your
body, and make life a little more sane.

Soothe and reboot body and soul
with our deeply nourishing antidotes
delivered straight to your door.

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The Ultimate Body Bar This is NOT soap 100 SENSES It's a head-to-toe body bar that's superior in every way. Our truly exceptional head-to-toe whole body bar is meticulously designed for on extraordinary shampoo, shower and shave: A non-drying, 100% scop-free, moisturizing bar with an ideal 5.5 pH and a luxuriously creamy lather for skin, scalp and hair It's an all-in-one, whole body reboot, with the nourishing benefits and fresh aroma of Green Tea Simplify your routine, and treat yourself to the best bar on earth. Today is a Clean Slate. What are you choosing today? 100 SENSES Whole Body Lather Shampoo. Shower. Shave. Lavender Cypress. Edition 01. Make it Meaningful. Shed the past. 100 SENSES THE ULTIMATE BODY POLISH L'Ultime Exfoliant Four le Corps Dermatologist Tested Concentrated Tet Gen WHY WE'RE DIFFERENT Natural Uniform Exfolian Powerful Fruit Enzymes Exfoliores Skin Clears Fores Preps Skin for Hydratio Feels Amoring Beautiful, Eco-Conscious and Cruelty Free - Kris W, Verified Reviewer UNIVERSALLY LOVED Free Shipping No Hassle Over $50 Returns Face Forward. 100 SENSES THE ULTIMATE FACE POLISH - Victoria H, Verified Reviewer L'Ultime Exfoliant Pour le Visage Dermatologist Tested Concentrated Yet Genti Fine Natural Uniform Powerful Fruit En Exfoliater Skin Beautiful, carefully-considered design. We care deeply about every detail, from our meticulous formulas to our choice of premium, eco-conscious and sustainable materials. Our products are proudly made in the USA and 100% Cruelty Free. Clean, Natural & Skin-Safe 100% Non-Toxic, Gentle and Skin-Safe. No harsh or drying detergents. No sulfates, parabens, pthalates or artificial dyes. Cleary Pres Freas Skin for Hydratio Feet Amazing Luxuriously Refined Fragrances Luxurious, meditative, artisanal fragrances from plant-based essential oils with top, middle and base notes designed to soothe and inspire. Scents you crave, to shift your mood and mindset. Never cloying or overpowering. W 10 "The Head Floater is a total game changer. It lets me sink deeper into the tub and release all the tension in my neck and shoulders. I'll never bathe without it!" "Once you try the Ultimate Body Bar, you'll never go back to regular soap. Period. Incredible lather. Zero dryness." "I love showering with the Face and Body Polish. It's the most statisfying texture ever, and my skin always feels so refreshed." - Toni G, Verified Reviewer Bundle & Save On All Kits


Our products are meticulously designed
down to the last detail to soothe,
hydrate & reset your body.

But everything we make
begins with invigorating your mind.

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Our Best Sellers:  Because everyone needs to wash off the madness.

Elevated Bath & Body Care for Better Being.


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